Additional Services: Excavation, Snow Removal, and More in the Tri-Cities, TN

At Construction Asphalt Paving Services, Inc., we are in the unique position of being able to provide more services than many of our competitors. Thanks to owning our very own asphalt plant, we are able to provide the traditional paving services much faster than many other companies. In turn, this frees up our time and allows us to offer additional services to our client.

Instead of just installing and laying asphalt, we are able to dedicate our time to the full paving process. We are able to provide preparatory services including excavating and grading. Though these services are available in conjunction with our actual paving services, they are also available separately, based on your individual needs.

In the heavy, wet snowfalls of our Tennessee winters, CAPS also provides snow removal services to help keep the roads—and your driveway, subdivision, or parking lot—clear and safe. To talk to us about our snow removal services in the Tri-Cities area, or any of our other services, simply call or contact us today.